On 3–6 October 2016 ASHE is hosting an international panel of experts chaired by Professor Jürgen Kohler, PhD, professor of law at Greifswald University, Germany, and a former president of the German Accreditation Council, the central body governing external quality assurance in higher education in Germany. The purpose of the visit is to evaluate the quality of ASHE and establish whether all ENQA membership standards are still met. 


During the site visit, the external reviewers are having meetings with ASHE staff and representatives of various ASHE higher education stakeholder groups’ in order to determine compliance with the revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) taking into account information from the Self-evaluation report and other relevant documents.

It is particularly important to evaluate the standard related to ASHE’s independence in carrying out its activities and issuing final decisions on the outcomes of evaluation procedures. The review will also verify compliance with the standard related to the adequacy of the Agency’s physical, financial and human resources. Furthermore, the Agency should demonstrate that they meet the standards concerning internal quality assurance activities carried out by HEIs, etc.

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